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Our Vision as a Firm

We formed Bast Amron to be a law firm unlike any other. For that reason, we have not placed our lawyers into departments or other categorical boxes. We strive to operate outside the box. In fact, that is the genesis of our firm logo – Bast Amron is literally outside the box.

Our vision as a firm is defined by our core values- commitment, creativity, communication, collaboration, and careful execution.

Commitment to Clients, Firm, Community

We have adopted a fanatical commitment to client service. By design, it is contagious, infecting everyone at our firm at every level.   Our goal is to help our clients through challenging and often unfamiliar problems. We understand that the issues they are facing are consuming them. So, we literally take the problems off of their shoulders. When a client hires Bast Amron, their problems become ours. And we are fully committed to solving them.

In addition to our commitment to clients, we are committed to our firm and the community in which we exist. Our work is challenging and often stressful. Thus, we strive for an atmosphere where we can work hard but also have fun, where people enjoy working and where we have absolutely “no jerks.” One example is our firm massage day when we bring in a masseuse to give everyone massages. Everyone walks around with messy hair and a peaceful smile, but we are also energized and productive.

We consider our community to be our extended home. We are committed to improving it. Our firm encourages Pro Bono services and our lawyers regularly serve indigent clients who cannot afford counsel. We also serve as mentors to young lawyers and law students.   And we strive to be environmentally sensitive. We maintain electronic records, avoiding paper when possible. When we do print, we print on both sides.   All of our paper waste is shredded (for security) and recycled. And our attorneys are even asked to turn off their lights and monitors when they are away from their desks.

Creative and Thoughtful Strategies

At Bast Amron we pride ourselves on our creative strategies. We believe any lawyer can file a suit or win a case that has the right facts or the law on their side. But exceptional lawyers assert novel arguments in the face of difficult issues where the facts or law may not be on our side. We like to win the “unwinnable” cases. At the same time, we are thoughtful about our approach.   What we do has to make sense for the client. Thus, before we commence a lawsuit or a bankruptcy, we carefully analyze the risks, the collateral effects, the costs and the possible outcomes. We rarely go into a case without a plan to get our client out. And we are constantly developing strategies as the case evolves. Through creative and thoughtful strategies, we are often able to guide our clients to successful outcomes.

Clear Communication

Effective communication is critical to our success in every way. Obviously, as legal advocates, we must communicate our client’s positions to judges, juries and opposing parties. We do this literally every day in our correspondence, legal briefs and motions and through oral advocacy in courts across the country. Every word that is transmitted on our clients’ behalf has been carefully selected to further their position in the most effective manner.

We also recognize that communication to our clients is equally important. We keep our clients apprised of every substantive development in their case. We communicate with clients clearly and frequently. We explain complex legal issues and literally walk our clients through the process to ensure that they fully understand the ramifications of the decisions we are collectively making as their case progresses. As our strategies develop, we confer with our clients regularly. And any client can always pick up the phone to find someone knowledgeable about their case to answer any questions. In the rare instance when no one is available, every call is returned within 24 hours.


Collaboration is another key to our success. When a client hires us, they get more than the attorney with whom they met. They get our team of carefully selected lawyers, paralegals and legal assistants. We pride ourselves on the quality of our team from top to bottom. We work closely together on all of our cases, using our collective experience, perspectives, insights and knowledge to further our clients’ objectives. By working in teams, we are able to use those with the right background and experience in each aspect of the case. We are not looking to recreate any wheels; we would rather just make the wheels better and faster.

Our collaboration is not only within our firm but also with other counsel. We are a “go to” law firm among lawyers and law firms. Indeed, our firm is frequently retained to advise clients who are already utilizing other counsel but require our expertise and guidance to assess alternative strategies and risk. We collaborate with the client and existing counsel to redefine objectives, strategies and potential outcomes.

Careful Execution

Through communications with our clients and collaboration on the issues, we are able to formulate the most effective strategies for achieving our clients’ desired outcomes. Careful execution is where it all comes together. At Bast Amron we take great pride in producing the highest quality of legal work at every level. All of our correspondence, motions and legal briefs effectively and efficiently advocate our clients’ positions with an ultimate goal in mind. Through this careful execution of planned strategies, we are often able to achieve the client’s objectives in the most efficient manner.