Though we have extensive experience in all aspects of state and federal court litigation and insolvency matters, we often find that many of our clients will benefit most from avoiding court altogether. We often call this “bankruptcy avoidance.”

The lawyers at Bast Amron have a thorough understanding of business and contract law and vast experience with business entities, transactions, and debtor-creditor matters. This combination makes Bast Amron uniquely qualified to furnish our clients with comprehensive representation that is customized to address the specific circumstances of our client’s commercial dispute. Bast Amron prides itself on our ability to think outside the box, analyze all available options, formulate appropriate strategies and work with the client to implement a solution tailored to achieve the client’s goals without going to court. Our experience allows us to effectively guide our clients through every stage of the workout process.

Often our clients are already involved in litigation and they come to us through their existing counsel to explore non-litigation alternatives. We work closely with existing counsel to determine appropriate strategies for the potential resolution of claims as well as the possibility of formal insolvency proceedings in the event the workout is unsuccessful or the litigation results in a judgment against the client.

Due to the sensitive and private nature of workouts, we are unable to identify the names of our workout clients, but the following are general descriptions of just a few of the businesses we have represented through workouts: