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The Friday Whine By BRIAN L. TANNEBAUM August 17, 2018

Posted on August 17, 2018 in

The Friday Whine is a casual email to friends and colleagues and contains three things: An ethics update, and a wine recommendation. If you see text in blue, it is a link to an article or information.


NRA Lawyer Shoots Himself In Foot

Someone once said that when you practice in certain areas, or represent a hated client, or are in a closely watched case, you can’t just be ethical, you have to be exceptional.

So when you’re representing the NRA, lying on a Pro Hac Vice application is probably not something that isn’t going to get attention.

This lawyer did just that.

He was disciplined, but because he is appealing the sanction, claimed he wasn’t.

That’s a no-no. The fact of an appeal does not mean the discipline didn’t happen.

Had the lawyer disclosed the sanction, he may have been admitted for purposes of this case.

Now he’s been ordered to appear before the judge to explain his “omission.”

Pro Hac Vice admission requires closer scrutiny than a member of the Bar filing a notice of appearance. I’d guess this lawyer will not be appearing in this case, except in his own sanctions hearing.


Forget the Chardonnay, Drink Chablis

I know you like chardonnay. I don’t. There’s a couple I like, but for the most part, they taste like a bottle of butter.

Chablis is richer, more flavorful, stands up to “bigger” foods – like a fish with a strong sauce, or some fried green tomatoes – and there’s one I want you to try.

William Fevre.

Now the one I had the Champs Royax – is not available everywhere –. I found some here. Otherwise you have to order it. And I would if I was you.

But if you want one this weekend, Head out to Total Wine and pick up this one. I’ve had various William Fevre Chablis’ and haven’t been disappointed. They’re not expensive, and they’re well made.

FYI, I always recommend that you let a white warm up a bit before drinking, it, but not Chablis. Drink it cold.