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The Friday Whine by Brian L. Tannebaum 10/6/17

Posted on October 6, 2017 in

The Friday Whine is a casual blog and contains three things: An ethics update, a legal profession update, and wine recommendation. If you see text in blue, it is a link to an article or information.


I Too, Have No Sympathy

Hayley Geftman-Gold had that perfect lawyer-resume.

Penn undergrad, Columbia Law, lawyer for MTV, and her latest, Senior Counsel and Vice President at CBS.

Quite a background. Years of stellar education, jobs at prominent networks, and now she‘s unemployed.

No, Hayley didn’t leave her job to go raise her kids, or travel the world.

She was fired.

Hayley wasn’t fired for her legal work, or not showing up to work, or for having personality issues at work.

She was fired because she never learned Rule #1 of social media:

Not every thought you have belongs on the internet.

You may have heard that 59 innocent people attending a country music festival in Las Vegas were slaughtered by a gunman.

As terrible as it gets.

Regardless of your opinions about guns, politics, or really anything, there is nothing to have but sympathy and feelings of horror over what happened.

Not Hayley she wrote this:

“I’m actually not even sympathetic bc [sic] country music fans often are Republican gun toters [sic].”

One sentence, amongst her Facebook “friends.”

Here’s a Google search of her name now.

There’s even a Bar Complaint, which will be dismissed, because Hayley did nothing unethical. Nope, she had the absolute right to say what she said. No Rules were violated.

That’s something, I guess.

Legal Profession

The Next U.S. Attorney in Miami

Ariana Fajardo was an intern for the state attorney’s office in the courtroom I was assigned to when I was a public defender. Looks like she’s going to be the next U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida.

Read up.


Tom Petty and Napa

Bottle Rock is a festival in Napa Valley. This year, headlining the festival was the (now late) Tom Petty.

So in honor of the recently departed greatest musical talent out of the State of Florida, let’s drink some Napa Cabernet.

Duckhorn Napa Cabernet.

I know, it’s $60, and Duckhorn is known for Merlot, but I tried this and it’s great. Well worth the price.

So put on the Greatest Hits Album and enjoy.