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The Friday Whine BY BRIAN L. TANNEBAUM February 23, 2018

Posted on February 23, 2018 in

Greetings, The Friday Whine is a casual email to friends and colleagues and contains three things: An ethics update, a legal profession update, and wine recommendation. If you see text in blue, it is a link to an article or information.


Looks like Suge Knight’s former lawyers are in a bit of trouble. They may be headed to prison for a long time.

This article doesn’t have a copy of the allegations, but it appears they have something to do with bribing witnesses and fabricating testimony.

In a case like this, they are not being simply charged with witness tampering, they are being charged with accessory after the fact.

That means the court can sentence them as if they were part of the murder.

Oh, and what do you do when you’re arrested for something having to do with your representation of your client? Rejoin his legal team of course.

Legal Profession

A Keyboard For Lawyers

Legalboard has been out for a while. The company claims “thousands of legal professionals” use it. I don’t know any who do. I think I’m going to get one. Let me know if you have it.



Spanish wines remain the best value in the market. Many are under $20, even under $10, and there is no other region in the world where the majority of their wines are that cheap.

They’re also good. While it’s hard to find a good California Cabernet for $10, it’s not hard to find a Garnacha, Rioja, Toro, or Monastrell for a price that if you don’t like it, it’s not going to break the bank.

Tarima Hill has been getting some good press lately, and it’s under $20. They also have a wine called “Tarima” which is unrelated but is under $10.

Try it. Try a few Spanish wines for the price of one bottle of something else.