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The Friday Whine By BRIAN L. TANNEBAUM JANUARY 12, 2018

Posted on January 12, 2018 in

The Friday Whine is a casual blog and contains three things: An ethics update, a legal profession update, and wine recommendation. If you see text in blue, it is a link to an article or information.


Bank Robbery is Unethical

Richard Even Kriger was suspended by the Washington State Bar for trust account violations. He still owed $50,000.00 when he decided to apparently take my occasional joke of “rob a bank” seriously. He not only demanded $50,000.00, but claimed that his nephew was outside with a rifle and would begin shooting people if the demand was not met.

At least his suspension won’t be an issue anymore.

Legal Profession

Where Were You 30 Years Ago?

Dean McKee was 16 and sentenced to life in prison. This week he walked out of jail after serving 30 years for a crime he did not commit due to the work of the Innocence Project of Florida. The prosecution is appealing the judge’s ruling, but agreed to his release.


I am proud to be Chair-elect of the Innocence Project of Florida and hope you’ll support their efforts to right the wrongs of our criminal justice system.

As Dr. King, whose birthday we celebrate Monday, said: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”



I Hate Chardonnay, So Here’s One For You

Over the holidays I was introduced to a Chardonnay that is blended with a bit of my favorite white grape – Viognier. I bought a bunch, served it to a bunch of people, and everyone loved it, including me.

It’s Novellum, and it’s $13 at Wolfe’s Wine Shoppe.