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Posted on January 22, 2020 in

In celebration of our 10th Anniversary, Bast Amron has asked each of our lawyers to write about their passion outside the law. This month Bast Amron highlights Alejandra Iglesia. Alejandra joined the firm in 2019 and is a graduate of Northwestern University and the St. Thomas University School of Law. Alejandra’s passion, described in her own words, is taking care of her collection of plants.

Over the past year, I’ve developed a bit of a green thumb. What began as a way to decorate my office and bring some warmth to my space, has morphed into an evolving hobby. It all begin with Corny- a dracaena fragrans, commonly known as a corn plant. Corny was given to me as a gift when I passed the Florida Bar Exam and got my first office, as an attorney. I tended to him so mindfully, as I watched him grow and grow and grow, in the corner of my office by the balcony (get it? Corny, the corn plant in the corner. I’m clever, I know). 

A year later, my collection of plants has grown signifcantly. I have 4 succulents, 3 orchids, and my most beloved Corny. There’s so many things I enjoy about caring for my plants, but one of the things I love the most is learning how to care for each of them, based on their needs. Each one requires different types and levels of attention. My succulents, for example, enjoy being outside in direct sunlight, while my orchids thrive indoors by a window. The process of trial and error, while learning what conditions are ideal for their growth, has been so rewarding. I can’t say I didn’t drown a few succulents on that journey (anyone else?), but I am excited to continue learning about different plants and expanding my collection. 

Every day, I wake up excited to water my “babies” or check on their growth. If I need to, I trim their leaves, and I like to give them a good look all over to make sure they’re healthy. It has been amazing to watch them change, as time passes- their size, their colors, even the direction in which they grow. One thing I’ve noticed that I find to be particularly special is that no matter how or where I place them, they will always reach for the sun. 

Starting my day with these mindful moments, caring for a living organism other than myself, and practicing gratitude, has become a form of meditation for me. Aside from the known benefits of keeping living plants in your home or your office, seeing them flourish is so fulfilling. In the world of the law and the life of an attorney, it’s not always easy to find time for yourself without stress, pressure, or anxiety looming over you. Notably, something as small as keeping plants in my space not only soothes me, but soothes those that step into my office or my home. I think something about their colors and their vibrance creates a space where people feel comfortable and welcome. 

People often ask me what type of plants I enjoy the most, but the truth is there is no particular kind I love more than another. All are beautiful in their own way and part of the magic is figuring them out. Much like any case I work on for my clients, what I enjoy the most is learning what’s best for them and working toward putting them in an ideal situation. Whether they’re flowering plants, weeds, or trees, as long as they’re alive and photosynthesizing, that’s the perfect plant for me.

About the Author: Alejandra Iglesia focuses her practice in the area of commercial litigation. While her work involves virtually every type of dispute that can arise in the business context, Alejandra practices with an emphasis on partnership and joint venture disputes, derivative actions, breach of fiduciary duty allegations, restrictive covenant injunctions, and breach of contract cases. Click here to find out more about Alejandra.