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Bast Amron’s Core Values

Posted on August 7, 2019 in

Bast Amron was formed to be a firm unlike any other, one that reflects our values and beliefs. Our vision is defined by our core values and those standards reflect who we are, guide our decision making and determine what is important to us as individuals and as a group. At Bast Amron, we commit, communicate, collaborate, create and care. 

We Commit. 

Our goal is to help clients through challenging and often unfamiliar problems. We understand that their issues are consuming them, and we are committed to solving the equation. 

In addition to our commitment to clients, we are devoted to our firm, our families and our community. Our work is often challenging and stressful, and we strive for an atmosphere where we can work hard, but also have fun in the office and make time for our growing families. We’re proud to announce the firm has ranked two years in a row in Florida Trend’s Best Places to Work

We consider the Miami community to be our extended home, and we regularly look for ways to become involved. Our firm encourages and provides Pro Bono services to clients who cannot afford counsel, serve as mentors to young lawyers and law students and facilitate charitable work outside the legal sphere. We are also environmentally conscious, maintaining electronic records, recycling, and power-saving. Our attorneys and staff also participate in a number of environmental programs outside of the office such as coastal clean-ups and reef restoration dives. 

We Communicate.

A common theme in all of our communication is clarity, honesty and transparency. As legal advocates, we must communicate our clients’ positions to judges, juries and opposing parties through correspondence, legal briefs and oral advocacy in courts across the country. Every word that is transmitted on our clients’ behalf has been carefully selected to further their position in the most effective manner. We also recognize that communication to our clients is equally important. We explain complex legal issues and walk our clients through the process to ensure they fully understand the ramifications of the decisions we are collectively making through their case. 

We Collaborate.

Collaboration is another key to our success. When a client hires us, they get more than the attorney with whom they met. They get our team of carefully selected lawyers, paralegals and legal assistants. We work closely together on all of our cases, using our collective experience, perspectives, insights and knowledge to further our clients’ objectives. We find that gathering input from this diverse group leads to an assortment of opinion and allows for consideration of strategies that otherwise might not be on the table. 

We Create. 

Any lawyer can file a suit or win a case that has the right facts or the law on their side. What sets our firm apart is that we consider ourselves to be business people first and lawyers second. We pride ourselves on our creative and effective strategies and are thoughtful about our approach. Before we commence a lawsuit or a bankruptcy, we carefully analyze the risk, collateral effects, the costs and possible outcomes. We are constantly developing our approach as the case evolves and are often able to guide our clients to successful outcomes. 

We Care. 

We genuinely care about the work we do and for whom we do it. We understand why clients have contacted us, and we go to great lengths to help them solve their problems. When we accept your case, we will help you decide what victory means, and everything we do will be designed to further that objective. Most importantly, we care about the results we obtain for our clients and are 100% committed to achieving their desired outcomes.

Bast Amron provides comprehensive advice and service to our clients in all aspects of commercial litigation, workouts and insolvency matters. We view our clients’ issues through a holistic lens to formulate and implement dynamic solutions to their most important problems. To get in touch with our firm for tailored legal services contact us here.