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Unfortunately, fraud occurs in variety of corporate and personal settings. Often the fraud perpetrated on our clients is not immediately apparent. Through investigative due diligence and discovery, however, we have found that both individuals and corporations occasionally fall prey to fraudulent schemes, often in the investment context. Sometimes fraud can be more benign than the classic Ponzi scheme but it usually difficult to detect. Fortunately, Bast Amron has extensive experience uncovering, investigating, prosecuting and recovering losses from fraud.

The firm handles fraud cases both inside and outside the bankruptcy context. The firm’s experience includes prosecution and defense of fraudulent transfer actions, fraudulent business transactions, fraud involving questions of accounting and legal malpractice, investors’ fraud, directors’ and officers’ liability and securities and regulatory issues, including Ponzi schemes.

Representative Cases:

  • Defense of large multinational oil and gas company against claims for recovery of allegedly fraudulent and preferential transfers
  • Representation of multiple creditors and clawback targets in Ponzi schemes perpetrated by Phoenix Diversified, Scott Rothstein, E.S. Bankest, Financial Federated, Mutual Benefits, Bernard Madoff, Premium Sales, Gaston Cantens, Nevin Shapiro and others
  • Representation of receiver in prior receiver’s alleged improprieties and alleged misappropriation of assets
  • Special counsel to Liquidating BankUnited to pursue recovery of several fraudulent transfer claims from professionals employed by the Debtor and related entities pre-petition
  • Prosecution and defense of numerous fraudulent transfer claims, including Lancer Partners, TOUSA, Levitt Homes, Rothtein
  • Representation of numerous Trustees in prosecution and recovery of fraudulent transfers from third parties and exempt assets