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The Friday Whine By BRIAN L. TANNEBAUM June 29, 2018

Posted on June 29, 2018 in

Greetings, from St. Petersburg, Russia. The Friday Whine is a casual email to friends and colleagues and contains three things: An ethics update, and a wine recommendation. If you see text in blue, it is a link to an article or information.


Tarra Simmons, Criminal, Lawyer

People often ask me whether a convicted criminal can become a lawyer. The answer is “yes,” although it’s not easy. Not sure anyone can argue that it should be easy.

Bar Examiners throughout the country take the position that the sole issue for admission is character and fitness, and this includes those that are convicted felons.

In reality, what the Bar Examiners have been fighting, is a blanket rule taking away their power. They want to be able to decide these issues on a case-by case basis.

Washington State just admitted a former prison inmate, and the story is a great one.

You can read it here.


Fourth of July Wine

The Fourth of July allows me to do yet another post on “what type of wine goes with….?”

The perfect wine for the Fourth of July is, as every other holiday, anything you want to drink.

But let’s assume you’re having a barbeque.

This requires a good Zinfandel – one of my favorite reds.

So what’s a good, cheap, Zin?

There aren’t many.

You can grab a bottle of Cline. It’s cheap, and it’s not bad.

But if you want a good Zin, grab some Biale.

The Biale Black Chicken, one of my favorites, is available at Wolfe’s Wine Shoppe, and Total Wine has the Founding Farmers Zin, which I haven’t had, but seems appropriate for the Fourth.

Have a good Fourth of July.